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Fees Policy

This policy outlines the approval authorities and principles for setting student tuition fees and other fees, collecting fee payments and
granting fees refunds and remission of debt .

1. Tuition fees

1.1 Tuition fees are determined annually with fees information provided via the:
● website and Course Guides;

Gospel Express Academy website.

1.2 The College assesses fees payable and provides a Fees Statement to students outlining the amount of fees payable and the payment due date.

1.3 Tuition fees will vary depending on whether the student is a national full-fee paying student or an international full-fee paying student.

1.4 The College reserves the right to adjust tuition fees annually, to be applied on 1 January each year for teaching periods.

1.5 Funding Support
Because Gospel Express is a independent College there are no funding available to support learners. However, there may be the occasional scholarship if certain criteria are met.

1.6 There is Government Loan scheme available for level 3 upwards that learners can apply for.

1.7 - Some courses are free if the Government considers them vocational. This can be explored.

1.8. information on the requirements and access to Government Schemes can be found of the on the website.

2. Payment of fees

2.1 Students must pay all fees by the due date specified on their Fees Statement, application form

2.2 Students must make all required fees payments directly to the College

Fee payment plan

2.4 Eligible students may apply for a fee payment plan to pay tuition fees where the student:
● makes an application before the fees due date;
● is paying full fees; and,
● does not owe any fees from a previous teaching period when an application is made.

2.5 All approved fee payment plans must be finalised, and all fees paid by the last day of the teaching period the fees were charged for.
Online students.

2.6 The college does not grant fee payment plans for payment of administrative fees or fines.

2.7 Students experiencing extreme financial hardship must contact Student Administration to discuss options.

Non-payment of fees

2.8 The college issues a fees reminder where payment has not been made by the due date of the Fees Statement. If the outstanding debt is not paid the college may take the following action:
● place an encumbrance on the student’s enrolment;
● subsequently cancel a student’s enrolment; and
● not allow a student to graduate, or receive final results or an academic record until all outstanding debt is paid.

2.9 A fees-related encumbrance will only be removed from a student’s enrolment when all outstanding fees are received.

3. Refunds

3.1 Students may be eligible for a full or partial refund of tuition fees, or full or partial remission of debt in prescribed circumstances. The college reserves the right to refuse a full or partial refund, or full or partial remission of debt. Students can apply for review of a decision not to grant a remission of debt or refund of fees, and must review the requirements for a refund or a remission of debt set out below and:
Refunds and remission of debt for domestic students

3.2 The Student Fees Refunds Procedure details the circumstances and conditions under which students are enrolled and are eligible to seek a refund of tuition fees or remission of debt, including any deposit fees for courses undertaken as part of a packaged offer.

3.3 Students, enrolled with Gospel Express Academy may be eligible for a full or partial refund of
tuition fees if they:
● have a credit from overpayment or approved discount on their tuition fees;
● change their enrolment before the census date; or,
● fulfil the ‘special circumstances’ or demonstrate extenuating personal requirements.
● have overpaid their course fees;

4. Organisation/group fees discounts

4.1 An organization that enroll a number of students may be eligible to apply for a 10 per cent discount on tuition fees.

4.2 To be eligible for a family fees discount, students must be:
● full-fee paying students and have received Fees Statements for the same Fees invoice period;
● concurrently enrolled in a degree, Foundation Year or Diploma course;
● not in receipt of any other tuition fees discounts, scholarships, grants or bursaries offered
● not in receipt of sponsorship from a third party.

4.3 Students must pay all fees by the due date while awaiting notification of their application outcome.

4.4 Students who withdraw from their course may have to repay the discount.

5. Course and Annex abroad/Distance Learning

5.1 A full-fee paying student studying by distance learning will pay the tuition fees set by the course

5.2 The College charge miscellaneous fees for administrative functions and activities relating to enrolment (including enrolment documents), examinations, graduation and graduation documents.

Other study costs

5.3 In addition to tuition fees, students may be required to pay for activities and materials relevant to


Supporting procedures • Student Fees Procedure
• Student Refunds Procedure
Supporting schedules • Student Fees & Refunds Schedule, Monash University Malaysia
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• M Academic and Non-Academic Complaints and Appeals Policy
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Legislation mandating compliance
• Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006
Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic)